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Play Better = Better Play An Innovative Plan to Improve Sport Culture

Parents want the best for their children - which is one reason they enroll their kids in team sports, like soccer.

Organized sports create an environment that fosters values like teamwork, sharing, cooperation, and skill development. When coached by volunteers who are equipped to support children as they learn, soccer can provide much more than how to score goals and win games.

When the focus of a game becomes helping others through charitable causes, winning and scoring are not the only measurements of success. The purpose of playing becomes about more than the results on a scoreboard - it becomes about good citizenship, community investment, and personal growth.

It allows for the values learned on playing fields to spill out into the schools, homes and cities of the children playing.

The Play Better philosophy is our response to a sporting landscape that needs a paradigm shift - away from a singular definition of scoreboard success, and towards empowering children to discover their potential.

Changing The Reward System

children discover their potential on and off the field and improving their technique depends on building a strong foundation of skills. Young players need an opportunity to learn their strengths, how to have fun, play fair, and be a part of a team before they are exposed to the pressures of goal scoring and taking home a win.
As a coach, imagine:

  • Development opportunities for all players, rather than the best players receiving all the attention.

  • Developing all players based on their individual needs.

  • Identifying teaching opportunities and knowing what the necessary outcomes should look like.

  • Having a clear strategy to execute coaching techniques.

  • Using practical development timelines for each player.

What is Play Better?

Fundamentally Play Better is a grass roots program designed to provide coaches, clubs, parents and players with a clear and accountable pathway through soccer. The Strathroy – Caradoc Minor Soccer Association is proud to Partner with Play Better for the 2015 Soccer Season.  Together, we are creating and building a collaborative teaching environment to foster better players and to simultaneously support children become the best people. We accomplish this all by empowering coaches.

There are two main verticals we support for this to happen.  Play Better is about performing at a higher level by knowing.

Injecting sport with a good cause can raise the game.

Sport fundamentals that lead to personal growth, good citizenship, and a good setting which also provides equal opportunities for players to realize their potential - shouldn’t you be involved?


Our goal is to deliver values based learning through sport specific and age appropriate development. Rewarding players with charitable donations for reaching their training goals is a simple way to allow each child to grow, on and off the field.


This way soccer games become about more than the scoreboard. Parents begin to focus on how their kids are growing as individuals and they encourage their kids beyond scoring goals. 

Want to see the Play Better Program in Action?  Check out the following link from our 2014 Soccer Season:

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