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May 13, 2024 | Chris Soares | 52 views
RESPECT - Officials, Players, Coaches, Spectators
RESPECT Silent Sidelines Parents & coaches learn the value of quiet support for their children’s sports games!

Too often in kid’s sports, adults, parents and coaches become overly vocal in their approach to working with young athletes. However well-intentioned some of them may be, the results are not always positive. For the 2024 season we will be promoting Silent Sidelines, the coaches and parents are asked to keep talking to a bare minimum on the sidelines. Supporters are allowed to clap to show their enthusiasm, but adults/coaches are ask to restrict from coaching their kids from the sideline. This is a time when kids can make decisions for themselves, without having adults shout 5-6 different instructions at them. When adults scream from the sidelines, they're not just invading the children's playtime, they're preventing children from learning the game in a natural manner. Sideline screaming is just ignorance; we need to educate adults on stages of development. We expect far too much from children at a very young age. We must not forget; we are talking about children not adults. How does it work? No Shouting Instructions. No Shouting at the ref. No Shouting at the opposition. Kid voices were heard everywhere. With the sidelines quiet, players have the chance to make their own decisions on the pitch and learn by them, instead of being distracted by the stream of noise, the kids on the pitch get the opportunity to communicate with one another, deciding who will take the throw-ins, the goal-kicks, free-kicks or the corner kicks etc. This also gives them time to think and focus on what they are about to do. FUN! And Player Development is our priority!