Referee Development (Strathroy United FC)

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Along with learning to play the game of soccer, another area to explore is refereeing the game, and we encourage many of our players and parents to give reffing a try.  It will give you a different insight on soccer, and provide a little spending money as well. 

Referee training, coordination and certification is coordinated by Strathroy United FC and the Leagues in which it operates. Referee mentors have been appointed to work with our mini-soccer referees to help them with the technical aspects of refereeing, with dealing with players and coaches,  and solidifying their knowledge of the rules of the game.

The Referee Development Program

  • The goal of Strathroy United FC is to provide member referees with the tools necessary to help build the future of soccer in our community and to develop referees.


  • If referees strive to be successful, they need more than law interpretation skills and experience, although these are both indispensable.


  • Being a successful soccer referee is about personal desire towards continuing education and learning about the game and the laws that govern it.


  • The Strathroy United FC Referee Program is a shared and cooperative program with a proactive vision for the betterment of the game. Ultimately, our success will be measured by the growth of the game, at all levels, in Strathroy and the area.

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