2024 Player Showcase (Tryouts) (Strathroy United FC)

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Player Information
Information on the Participant
  1. Enter the player's first name
  2. Enter the player's last name
  3. Check All That Apply
  4. Enter the player's home address
  5. Select the player's city
  6. Enter the player's postal code
  7. RadDatePicker
    Open the calendar popup.
    Enter the Players D.O.B.
  8. Leave blank if you do not know this.
Parent/Guardian Information
At least on parent/guardian is required for a player under 18 years of age.
  1. Firstname Lastname
  2. Type your preferred phone number here.
  3. Type your second phone number here.
  4. Leave blank unless different from above
2023 Outdoor Club
Please give us some information on where you played in during the 2023 Outdoor Soccer Season
  1. (ie Strathroy United FC)
  2. (ie U10 Competitive Program, House League, Local League)
2024 Registration for Player Showcase
You can only register for the program that the player was born in.
  1. Select One Program Per Registration
  1. I, the undersigned, registrant or legal parent/guardian, in registering with Strathroy United FC, agree to abide by the Association’s by-laws, rules, regulations, policies, principles and philosophies and those as outlined in the Competitive & House League Program Constitution. I hereby give permission to have staff arrange for any emergency medical care including hospitalization if necessary. Attempts will be made to contact parent or guardian first. Further, I release the Corporation of Strathroy - Caradoc, Strathroy United FC, and its Board Members from all claims arising from participation in any activity.

    I consent to the release of my child’s picture on the SUFC Website.

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